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Front Squat Mobility (No Measure)

3 rounds (3-5 reps each side at 5 sec holds)

*Elevated Glute Mobility

*Ankle Wall Mobility

*Bicep Wall Mobility
Spend some extra time on ankle mobility to prepare for pistols and double unders

Front Squat (10min to find 1 RM)

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds)

20min EMOM

1st min: 10-20 Double unders/Triple unders

2nd min: 10-20 Alt Pistols or Progressions

*If you can do 20 unbroken doubles with ease then work on Triples, if you can do 20 unbroken singles with ease work on doubles*

*Alternate legs on pistols and pistol progressions. (off box, band assisted, rig assisted, etc..) Practice, practice…