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Early on in the class hour, the goal is always to get the athletes generally warm with active stretches like Active Samson and Active Spidermans. The closer we get to the workout, the more specific we want to be with the movement patterns and muscle groups we’ll see within the workout. In a workout like this, that means getting a barbell in athlete’s hands and prepping the legs for squats. Today, we’ll get the legs prepped with some banded walks, which prime the glutes, legs, and core to perform well. Pre-workout activation exercises like these also serve to develop strength and stability for long term health and performance.


Warm-up (No Measure)

Line Drills: Coaches choice

Versa Loop Hip Activation (No Measure)

20 yards each movement

Monster Walks Right Lead (Band just above knee)

Monster Walks Left Lead (Band just above knee)

Stiff Leg Forward Walk (Band on ankles)

Stiff Leg Backward Walk (Band on ankles)


Establish a good front rack position

Paused Front Squat (Find a heavy single 3sec bottom hold)


Metcon (Time)

“Breaking Bad”

5 Rounds:

200 Meter Run

2-4-6-8-10 Front Squats (165/110)

*yes from the ground*

RX+ 205/145

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