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April 15, 2016


CrossFit Templum – CrossFit View Public Whiteboard Game “Pizza Fight” (No Measure) 5min time cap Metcon Row and Run (Time) In teams of 4 complete...
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starsWhy CrossFit Templum? Excellent leadership, accountability to help you reach your goals quicker, every workout is designed for optimal results that can be accomplished regardless of fitness level, excellent atmosphere! Get er dun!

-Joe R.

starsI joined the team in February and I love it! Eric is a great trainer, very motivating & challenging. The positive & team oriented atmosphere is the main reason I actually enjoy getting up at 5:00 am to workout!

-Stacey D.

starsnnovation. I’ve learned new exercises, techniques, and most of all gained the confidence to lift more and push harder! The results of being able to pick the brain of the staff has helped me lose fat and gain muscle through not only workouts but also adaptation of diet. Great atmosphere that promotes change that lasts!

-Matt G.

starsEric and his team are great – they challenge you and hold you accountable … all while keeping it fun. I had knee surgery less than a year ago and this program has been great to rebuild strength! People of all ages and every level of fitness enter the program – from baby boomers to gen x and gen y … from very heavy and out of shape to those in excellent shape. Come and check it out!

-David S.

starsIt just doesn’t get any better than this!!! I’ve NEVER been so happy, so healthy and so cared for by trainers or gyms as I have been here! I just CAN’T even say enough praise for these trainers and challenges that they PUSH YOU THROUGH!!! The Spirit of The Lord Dwells Here!!

-Amber P.

starsI am from Boston and needed a box to drop in. Templum was a great experience! Clean, easy to get to, and Coach Eric took the time to get to know me and my experience level. Eric is always aware of each athlete’s ability, pushing those who just started as hard as those doing it for awhile. My fellow athletes made me feel welcome. The best part is the pre-WOD community declaration.

-Bob C.

starsThis is a great Box, has great coaches, even better values!

-Kurt P.

starsI can’t say enough good about CrossFit Templum and the coaching team Eric has put together there.So if you are looking for a box that gets results, is like family and is really fun, then look no further. Oh yeah, don’t let the CrossFit hype scare anyone who is overweight. Wanna bet I weigh more than you do?

-Jeremy A.

starsDropped in for 3 six a.m. classes in March and loved it. Coach Eric was great and the community was great! The regulars made me feel very welcome and I look forward to dropping in again someday.

-Jonas R.