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Hip and Ankle Mobility (No Measure)

3 rounds:

15 sec holds

Samson Stretch (each side)

Down dog

Hurdler Stretch (each side)

Bottom out Air Squat

10 Air Squats

Front + Back Squat (10-8-6-4-3 Start at 60% 1RM of Front Squat)

You will perform the front squat first, then rack the bar and go right into the back squat to complete the set.

Push Press (10-8-6-4-3 Start @ 60% 1RM)

Russian Partner Leg Curls (3×15)

With partner standing on backs of feet, perform assisted prone leg curls. Try to use as little assistance with bands and keep push off minimal.

Ring Dips (3×15)

Superset with Russian Leg Curls

AbMat Situps (150) (Time)

150 AbMat Situps for time

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