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Warm-up (No Measure)

Coaches Choice:

Line Drills

Movement Prep and Coaching

Warm-up (No Measure)


Degree of Falling

Running is all about using as little effort as possible to move forward. We’ve talked recently about the idea of falling to initiate forward momentum. But to what degree do we fall? Is there such thing as falling too much? Yes there is. When falling forward, we are looking for a gradual lean forward at the ankle. When athletes lean too much, they end up over-striding to put the brakes on and prevent an actual fall. This ends up defeating the purpose of the fall altogether. A quick change of weight support from right leg to left leg allows athletes to fall faster and run faster due to an increase in cadence. We’ll get there shortly, but first we can focus on the degree of falling.

Movement Prep

With a Partner:

Lean Into Buddy

Run 50 Meters

*Buddy 1 will be running while Buddy 2 is there for support. Buddy 1 will lean forward at the ankles, with Buddy 2 supporting them with hands on their shoulders. At the call of “Go”, Buddy 2 will get out of the way and Buddy 1 will jog it out for 50 meters. Complete twice each.
1 Round

Buddy 1: 50 Meter Run

Buddy 2: 50 Meter Run

Buddy 1: 100 Meter Run

Buddy 2: 100 Meter Run


Partner Sprints (Time)

Teams of 2:

3 rounds:

200 Meter run

400 Meter run

600 Meter run
*one person working at a time*

*each partner runs each distance 3x (ie 3 rounds)

*We are running our 200 meter distance for all runs (ie. 400 meters is 200 twice and 600 meters is 200 three times).

*Partners help with timing their 200 meter splits so they can keep a strong pace

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