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Next Foundations Class July 14th and 16th at 7pm.

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5×5 Warm-up (A&B) (No Measure)

Complete 1 set of 3-5 reps of the exercise you are starting with using an empty bar. Add 25-45lbs per set and complete 2-3 reps until you reach your 5×5 weight for that exercise.

*Partner with somebody with similar strength

*Stretch while your partner works.

*Keep moving…minimal rest.. so you work up a sweat

Back Squat (5×5 increase 5lbs from last workout)

Bench Press (5×5 increase 5lbs from last workout)

Bent Over Row (5×5 increase 5lbs from last workout)

1-Mile Run (Time)

Max Effort 1-Mile Run

Practice Skill

If any time remaining practice a skill from one of the following:

*Jump Rope: Double unders drills alternate from single to doubles connecting 2 and 3 reps at a time. Same if you are working triples

*Kipping: 3×10 Power kips; 3×10 Kips with knee tucks

*HSPU: 3×10 Shoulder taps inverted; 4x30sec inverted holds

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