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Barbell or Bust


Barbell or Bust

Main – CrossFit

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

25 min Partner AMRAP

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Accumulate 3 minutes of Handstand and Wall Sit static holds (one person per movement-switch as needed-both partners must hold a movement for the time to count)

With the rest of the 25 minutes complete as many reps of the following barbell work (one person works at a time):

00-05 Min- Front Squat 95/65

05-10 Min- Push Jerk 95/65

10-15 Min- Power Clean 95/65

15-20 Min- Deadlift 95/65

20-25 Min- Thruster 95/65

*Partners must complete 10 burpees every 5 minutes (those still working on a static hold are excluded)

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